Fabricated Meter Tubes

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First Cut Design and Fabrication specializes in meter tube spools for Orifice, Turbine, and Ultrasonic meters. First Cut has the ability to design custody transfer ready meter tube spools to meet all AGA standards, as well as construct spools that are calibration ready and keep flow through the meter true and accurate.


Capabilities Include

  • Design of meter tube spools per AGA standards based on the customer meter selected.
  • Meter tube spools interior coated with light weight oil.
  • Alignment pins for re-assembly if desired.
  • Taps, as required, drilled full open and free of all debris.
  • Tight Inner Diameter tolerances per customer specification or custom design.
  • Meter tube spools pressure testing to specify or customer procedures.
  • Procurement of all materials to include meter, pipe, flanges, flow conditioner and all related material.
  • Construction of meter tube spools per any customer specifications or custom design.
  • Meter tube spool honing and interior finish to any specified micro-inch finish or custom design.
  • Meter tube spool fabrication built to the latest requirement of CFR 49 DOT 192 Class 3 location standards
  • All welds both circumferential and fillet radiographically inspected per API 1104 standards.
  • Meter tube spools sandblasted, primed, and painted (if desired) per customer specifications.
  • Record turnover package to include as-built drawings, radiographic inspection reports, pressure test reports, all Material Test Reports and Certificates of Conformance, and all compliance documentation to include weld procedures and qualifications, radiography inspection procedure and qualification, and all testing equipment certifications and calibration.
  • Shipping to any destination as required.