First Cut offers turnkey solutions for natural gas transmission and distribution companies. We specialize in the design and fabrication of many needs in the natural gas industry to include measurement and regulation stations, portable regulator stations, mainline valve sets, pig launchers/receivers, meter sets, farm taps, biogas skids and gas recover skids, meter tubes, and other appurtenances to include farm tap barricades and residential meter setups. Finished products are built by certified pipeline welders and come with as-built packages that can include nondestructive testing, pressure testing, paint/coating, instrumentation tubing and electrical wiring, among other special requests.

First Cut also provides onsite installation, start-up, and commissioning of facilities. Licensed in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia, we can handle turnkey general contracting for your field project needs.

First Cut Design & Fabrication Projects

Natural Gas Heater Install

First Cut has the capability to handle all of your Natural Gas Heater Installations. Since 2012 we have installed various types of water-bath and indirect line heaters to include inlet/outlet connecting piping, concrete pad/sonotubes, heater controls, tubing, fuel gas meters, thermostats and temperature controls among other components depending on the size and brand of heater.

Gate Station Rebuild

Design, fabrication, and turn key installation of an existing gate station rebuild.

Transmission Meter Station

Design, Fabrication, and turn key installation of a rotary meter set for a new customer to include all site work, piping, electrical, grounding, installation and commissioning.

Compressor Station Scrubber Install

Design, fabrication, and installation new scrubber and piping to replace existing equipment at an existing compressor station.