About First Cut Design and Fabrication

First Cut Design and Fabrication delivers value added solutions for natural gas customers. With years of experience in the natural gas industry, First Cut’s resume includes:

  • Measurement and regulation project management, station design, fabrication, installation
  • Compressor station project management, station design, fabrication, installation, start up
  • Feasibility studies for natural gas projects focusing on cost efficiency, reliability, code requirements, and project timelines.

With a renowned emphasis on traceable, verifiable, and complete records for all natural gas pipelines, stations, and components, First Cut specializes in DOT, AGA, ANSI, and ASME regulations and standards.  All projects come with a complete record turnover package that includes:

  • Design and Sizing Calculations
  • Dimensioned As-Built Drawings (CAD or PDF)
  • Component and Equipment drawings labeling component heat and serial numbers
  • X-ray As-Built Drawings linking individual welds to the weld map and report
  • Pressure test graphs and raw data for both pressure and temperature
  • Equipment cut and performance sheets
  • Compliance information including current regulations units were subject to, certifications and procedures, X-ray certifications and procedures, and calibration records for equipment used